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   I am a contemporary artist working with Acrylic, Abstraction, Pattern and Mixed Media. Being that I was a Fibers major in college I am very drawn to texture and tactility that Mixed Media and working in layers bring. I love that I can switch it up between painting and drawing with fluidity. 

   My abstract mixed media works are a combination of expressive painting, gestural movement, intuitive mark making, saturated colors and patterns. I work in layers as each brushstroke takes me to the next pastel, pencil mark or pattern. Both my works on canvas and on paper feature acrylic and watercolor brush strokes, swipes of color, fluid acrylic ink washes, pastel mark making, patterns, and contrasting areas of detail graphite and ink drawings in others. 


   My work is inspired by both my north Mississippi home surroundings and my Florida roots with lush vegetation, floral and aquatic elements coming through in my color palettes and forms inspired by organic forms, lines and patterns found in nature.  I love exploring and trying new techniques as I find my own creative voice as an artist.

Artist Bio

   I grew up in Lakeland, Florida where my parents encouraged and fostered my love of the visual arts from a very early age. I attended a Visual and Preforming Arts High School where I fell in love with the practice of working in a studio and knew I wanted to do nothing else after I graduated.

   I have a BFA in Fiber Arts & Woven Design which is where I get my love of all things texture, A minor in Art History and a MAT in Art Education from Memphis College of Art. I am an Elementary Art Educator and have been for 14 years. I love my little artists and creating a studio environment where they can find their own creative voices. It has been so rewarding to see.  

   I live in Olive Branch, MS with my husband, who runs his own Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu School as the lead black belt instructor with more than 20 years of experience. You should check it out. GFTeamTennessee.

  My in-home studio is bright and full of natural light, which is my absolute favorite place to be (next to our patio). I am usually working on multiple paintings at a time- some days are for messy, fun beginnings, other days are for more refined finishing touches. We have two sons, 9 & 6, and one cat, The Morris house is always busy.





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